About Clutch

Like many of today's collectors, I grew up collecting basketball cards in the 90's. After a long break from the hobby I rediscovered a love for collecting when I joined some of the great Facebook pages dedicated to today's community of collectors in around 2013.

A lot had changed over those years, and I found that instead of buying boxes and collecting inserts or just base cards of my favourite players, the industry had greatly improved the product they were providing.  Autographs were far more commonplace, along with cards that had pieces of the player's uniforms that they had actually worn in games!  It didn't take long until I was hooked again.

I joined a few 'group breaks' which exposed me to various different products and quickly helped me to build my collection.   

I soon grew concerned with the limited number of Australian retailers that could supply product at a reasonable price, and also deliver the service that I expected. Waiting weeks for delivery became common place, if they even came at all.

By 2016 I decided it was time for an online basketball retailer that appreciated customer service, understood business and importing, and above all WAS A COLLECTOR!  

Clutch Cards is proudly my 'side gig'.  I have a regular senior management job that pays my bills, so that Clutch can remain as affordable as possible for all collectors in Australia.