Delivery Restrictions

Unfortunately we are unable to delivery to 'parcel lockers' or similar services.  Where an order is placed for a parcel locker delivery your order may be cancelled, or we may contact you to request a fixed delivery address such as your home or a business.

How long should I expect to wait before I receive my purchase?

We post all deliveries using the Australia Post network.  Generally we will post your order on the same or next business day after your order.

For fast turnaround, the Express Post network will deliver to most metropolitan areas next day (Perth is two days).

We are based in Melbourne, Australia, so please check your delivery area here

Is there a checklist for these boxes?

For a good understanding of what to expect from any of your chosen boxes, we recommend that you review the Cardboard Connection website. Here's a link to their site.

How do I value my cards?

Just like any collectables, the value of your cards will fluctuate for a number of reasons.  As a guide, you should expect that newest release products will hold a high value for a short period of time (usually until the next product is released), especially for All time greats, Rookies, Autographs, and Patches (jersey cards with multiple colours).  The most sought after cards each year are generally Rookie Patch Autographs (RPAs), especially in higher end products.  

Unlike back in the 80s and 90s, the 'Beckett' guide isn't really used to value cards anymore.  The best guide tends to be ebay, as it has the highest volume of cards traded.  

At the end of the day, your cards are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them!

I collected in the early 90s - what are my cards worth now?

Unfortunately, your cards are unlikely to be worth much now.  At the peak of the interest in Basketball card collecting, there were so many cards being produced that there was simply an oversupply of cards, and therefore there is not much rarity to those old Michael Jordan base cards.  There are plenty of exceptions to this rule (for example, a Michael Jordan rookie card from the late 80s), however as a general rule you won't find many people willing to part with their hard earned money for that full set of 1992 Upper Deck that you collected as a kid.

Why can't I find Michael Jordan, Lebron James, or Ben Simmons autographs?

Panini is the only producer of cards that has the rights to the NBA, and therefore all of its current players.  For this reason, they can produce cards of all current players, including jersey/patch cards.  They can't force anyone to sign their product though, Ben Simmons and Lebron James have an exclusive agreement with Upper Deck so cannot sign a Panini product.

Michael Jordan also has an exclusive agreement with Upper Deck, so also can only sign Upper Deck product.

For one of their autographs, look at the checklist of any Upper Deck product like Goodwin Champions or Supreme Hard Court.