Group Breaks

At Clutch Cards, we're only interested in bringing you the best prices on Basketball boxes, so we don't run group breaks.

We understand that there are many reasons to be in a group break (you'll find Wilko in many group breaks himself!) so we have compiled a list of our recommended group breakers.

We have no connection to these breakers, other than knowing that you'll be happy with the customer service that you'll receive.




Dungeon Master Breaks

Chris at Dungeon Master Breaks

A relative newcomer to the breaking scene, Chris Rimpas is extremely well known within most of the collecting groups on Facebook.  Chris runs frequent 'Trade Days' within the Victorian community, providing an opportunity for a game of basketball with other collectors and some trading time too!



Marc at Collectors of Heroes (Bendigo)

Some people may want to visit a physical retailer of boxes.  If you're in the Bendigo area of Victoria, I can recommend Marc.

You'll find Collectors of Heroes at the Noble Pavillion at the Bendigo Showgrounds.