2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

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Here's your chance to collect the first rookie autograph from Ben Simmons!

With Upper Deck securing the rights to Ben Simmons' autographs, you won't find any of this future sensation's signatures in any Panini product.

There's no doubt that these are abstract boxes of cards, with a collection of multiple sports and fantasy cards, but Ben Simmons base cards (and autographs) are holding some huge value in the market as these are recognised as his first cards.

Look for three (3) of the following inside every box!
- Hard-signed autographs
- Single or Dual Swatch Memorabilia cards
- Origin of Species patch cards
- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Masterpieces Booklets
- Museum Relics - WWII
- The Supernaturals Lenticular Cards
- Goodwin Champions Cut Signatures
- Historical Rhetoric Audio Booklets

20 packs per box, 5 cards per pack.